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Animal Control is a professional vocation and we must treat it as such.  We must never take it for granted, nor light heartedly, whether we are employed by a private or governmental agency.

Our Theme, "UNITED FOR PROGRESS" is a prophetic overview of what can and will be when all Animal Control/Animal Care Personnel come together in one mind and one accord to become professionals in this vocation.

The rewards are unlimited for highly skilled people; therefore, we must be better trained, better educated, and better qualified.  Unified and with elevated, skilled levels, Animal Control personnel, and the animals in our care, will certainly have a better chance of reaping the benefits of our efforts. 

We must always keep a high emphasis on education and training.  G.A.C.A. is committed to doing just that.

Please join us in our effort to:





Make sure you sign up for the Georgia Animal Control Association Annual Conference -
March 8 & 9, 2012.

For more information on the class, the schedule and how to register, click here.


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